How to Write a Contemporary Romance Book

Jasmina Lozevska August 1, 2016 Comments Off on How to Write a Contemporary Romance Book

When writing a contemporary romance book, most writers face one same problem – creating a conflict that will be believable. Conflicts are what drives the novel forward and what drives the readers going till the end of the book.

In a contemporary romance book, happily ever afters are what comes in the end and everyone knows that. So, the tension and the conflict can’t be connected with the outcome. The hero and the heroine of the novel must have at least one or two conflicts. These conflicts must keep them apart for some time. And the thinking whether they will be together again or not, is what drives the reader. Ask these questions when creating the conflict.

How the characters get into conflict and what do they want?

In each contemporary romance book, every character has its own internal and external goals.If those goals are brought into a conflict, and with also the hero and the heroine, the tension will be created and your readers will enjoy.

What’s the risk if the characters don’t achieve their goals?

This is important, too. The consequence needs to be big. Losing a job or losing the personal freedom the hero or the heroine has. The jeopardies need to be big. Even if it is a small act, if that act has to prove something for the character, then it will be interesting for sure.

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When you have 2 romance characters striving to achieve their goals, you must make the competing goals pretty similar. The reader should be brought into a position to care about both characters and to want them both to succeed.

The characters should be fighting together for something important and meaningful like winning an election or bringing justice for the bad people.

Are the characters’ steps realistic?

As the plot goes on and unfolds with every chapter, you must make sure that your characters will respond in understandable ways. Every event must unfold naturally and also, logically.

If you make the goals of the characters too trivial or too small, the characters will start acting in unsympathetic and unexpected ways.

Besides setting up the conflict, you also have to find ways how to resolve it. And, another important thing, the solution of the conflict must satisfy the reader, so you must think about that as well.

But, don’t make the resolution predictable.It’s not about the clock striking midnight, or the third party who will resolve everything or some kind of divine intervention. There must be a change which will improve the behavior the characters and will help them start cooperating and have mutual love and understanding.

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