How to Write Accurate and Authentic Historical Fiction Story

Jasmina Lozevska June 11, 2017 Comments Off on How to Write Accurate and Authentic Historical Fiction Story

Ever wondered how to write a historical fiction story? The first thing that should come to your mind is writing a story that is fully authentic but also fully accurate! If you want to impress your readers, you have to spend some time doing research on how to write a perfect historical piece.

There are some tips that are essential for each new inspiring writer. The first one would obviously be – to have fun, but also do some thorough homework. In order to write an accurate historical piece of writing, you need to read a couple of reference books.

You should become more comfortable and try to get to know all of the facts about the specific time period. In addition to that, try understanding it and learn more about the daily happenings in the certain period you are about to place your story in. That way, your story will gain more authenticity.

After reading a couple of reference books, let all of your characters get fully engaged with the most important historical details from that period. There are certain specific details that go along with every period and you should get to know them well. After that, you should also make sure that your characters have some place to explore and question their existence regarding the society in which they live in.

How was the society treating them, depending on their profession for example? Are they pirates? Sailors? Criminals? Make sure they are fully prepped with a lot of interesting things surrounding them and make them as unique as possible. 

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You can definitely use some internet and make a thorough research for your book. Look around for interactive maps, videos, historical paperwork, images etc. They can truly inspire you and motivate you are the same time.

However, you have to make sure that you are using the right information. There are a lot of uncertain facts and flawed data, usually half truth materials and a lot of plagiarism. That is why you need to check your facts, if possible from different sources.

Never fret the hundreds of details. You do not need to go into small details when it is not necessary. Simply inform your reader and keep on telling the story. You should not dwell on something because the storytelling will become tedious.

Enjoy the process of writing a book and stop caring too much about the errors that your readers might find. It is quite possible, though – they will probably find some detail that simply does not go well with another detail.

However, that is just a part of the story. All you really have to focus on is forming a really interesting and unique story that will be full with authentic but also fully correct fact and details from the past. Never give up on writing a creative story that will keep your readers on the edge while they are reading your book, but also, focus on the facts and never forget to check them twice – from different sources!

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