Top 5 Tips for Self-Publishing Authors

Jasmina Lozevska May 6, 2016 Comments Off on Top 5 Tips for Self-Publishing Authors

So you’ve finished writing your book and now you’re ready to conquer the world and all the prizes and positive critics. But, first, you have to publish the book. And now, publishing the book is possible for almost everyone and it can happen. Self-publishing authors are now widely popular and well-known.

If you want to be a self-publishing author, read on to find out the best 5 tips for achieving that.

1. Chose your personal goals

Decide if you want to have only 100 or 200 copies and sell your book locally or you want to sell your book all over the world and have millions of copies. Decide how will you sell your book, online or in the book shops.

2. Learn more about your readers

Get to know everything you can about them. You need to know who they are, what do they want, what do they expect, where do they buy their books and how do they chose which one they buy in the end. That’s how you’ll find out how to promote your book so that they buy it. In order to find the answers to all these questions, you need to think as a reader too.

3. Set the limits of your budget

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You need to know that there’s no need of spending a whole fortune for publishing your book. There are many companies that offer good services for printing your book and they are not expensive. What you need to invest in is yourself. Spend money to learn all the skills that you need for writing, editing, proofreading and publishing a book.

4. Create your network of support

Build a network with other writers and authors and look for tips and advices from them as well. Twitter, Facebook and your own blog are your best friends for this purpose. This is how you will connect not just with other authors, but with your readers as well. Give help to others and support them as much as you can, so that when you need help and support, you will get it too.

5. Keep everything simple

Write in the best way that you can, not in the best way that everyone says it’s the best. Don’t get distracted by others’ experiences. Write how you now, learn about your readers, get to know them, edit your book as much as you can to suit readers’ wishes and pick the design of your book cover according to your wishes. That’s the formula for making the best process of writing and publishing your book and in the end, be proud of everything that you’ve done.

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