Top 5 Books for Children in 2017

Jasmina Lozevska September 29, 2017 Comments Off on Top 5 Books for Children in 2017

Remember getting your first book when you were small and almost falling in love with the world of narration and stories. Perhaps most of you would agree that the best time to enjoy reading without exhibitions and the divisions of genres and reality of life is to read as a child. Books for children are filled with wonder, adventures and the impossible. The mind of a child doesn’t dissect the logic and truths behind a story. It is also a great time to form a strong bond of friendship and trust. So, here are top 5 Books for Children in 2017:

1. When is My Birthday? By Julie Fogliano

Age Group:  2 to 4 yrs old

The narrator is a young girl who has a string of questions filled with excitement about the plans o her upcoming birthday. She asks numerous questions about presents, cake, guests and much more. But the one question that she consistently asks is “when’s my birthday?”.

The story would appeal to all kids between the age of 2 and 4 with the anticipation of fun that every kid waits for on his/her birthday. The writing style is captivating with rhythm and suspense.

2.  A different Pond By Bao Phi

Age Group: 5 to 7 yrs old

This is a beautiful father-son story.  It begins with a boy getting up long before dawn to go fishing with his father to find dinner for their Vietnamese refugee family before his father leaves for his second job. This is a tender, heart-warming picture book with simple illustrations which bring the reader to experience the strong bond between the family going through tough times.

3. The Explorers: The door in the Alley By Adrienne Kress

Age Group:  8 to 9 yrs old

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An adventurous story filled with fun characters and creepy villains. The story is about two kids who meet outside the Door in the Alley which leads to the Explorers Club to join forces. Evie is an 11-year old girl escaping an orphanage and two creepy looking villains to find her long-lost grandfather who was an explorer. Sebastian is a 12-year old who comes from a family of geniuses and he is the ideal good boy who follows all the rules and does nothing fun. The duo meet and face various adventures after they discover the mysterious Explorer club.

4. Posted By John David Anderson

Age Group:  9 to 10 yrs old

This an emotionally moving book with a realistic view of finding the courage to be yourself that will speak to every pre-teen. The story is about friendship and the power words have over kids. It’s a refreshing outlook on how every teen deals with problems of being verbally and physically bullied in School. About the emotions, a kid goes through due to his parent’s divorce. The school’s new rule of no phones and the children writing sticky notes to each other instead of text messages.

5. Shattered Warrior By Sharon Shinn

Age Group:  10 yrs and above

This is a science fiction graphic novel that revolves around a young girl who resists against the alien invaders trying to occupy her planet. The story is captivating and compelling in the sense of one woman starting from a beaten down factory worker to fighting a rebellion against alien invaders. This is a story which is a mixture of adventure and romance that will allure all the teens to try this page-turner.

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