Writing is a Art, but as any Art – it does not feed your stomach. Therfore we need to market our content and to do this successfully you need at least one own website. On this website you may tell potential customers what they can expect from you. You show your writing skills and take order. We do have a list of usefull Websites for you which should help you to create a website, reach potential customers and be more successfull. If you have any further recomendations for this list, please do not hesitate to contact use.


Top WordPress Themes:

Wordpress is very easy to set up and thru a ton of different plugins you can customize your Website until it works best for you.

Free WordPress Training:

Learn how to use WordPress at it’s best. Get access to free sources of trainings, tutorials and other articles which helps you to creat your own site.


It is always good, if other people say positiv things about your service or skill’s. If they do it on a video, it works even better. Therfore you may want to hire on of those

Press Releases:

Get to know by using a press release. This helps you not only to spread your ideas to relevent journalists, it helps you as well to generate great backlinks from various blogs or news site.


A wonderfull way to share your ideas, your content and skills in other blogs. So you reach the readers of them and build your own community, follower and hopefully customers.


To illustrate your book cover, your blog or website we strongly recommend to buy pictures. As with writen content, you as a writer are not happy if someone just copy it or steal it. This is the same for photographer. Therfore we recommend to use this source, because the treat photographers better then other.