Self-Publishing Tips for Busy Writers

Jasmina Lozevska October 18, 2017 Comments Off on Self-Publishing Tips for Busy Writers

If you are a writer, you definitely dream of writing a book someday and getting it published. Isn’t it? How amazing it would be to get your book published. But it’s not as easy it sounds because for a busy writer who is also engaged in full-time work, getting his or her book published is like a far fetched  dream. But then it’s not impossible as well. So, here we decide to offer some of the favorite self-publishing tips coming from some respected writers:

Professionally designed book cover

Once you are done with the manuscript, its time to get started on a design for the book cover. No matter how the saying goes, everybody always judges a book by its cover first and then its contents second. So make a good book cover that tells people what they can find inside your book. Make it abstract and imaginative and never reveal too much on your book cover. The best way to do this is paying for the right service. Get professional help to design the book cover. An amateur made book cover can always be identified unless it’s that good. Pick the right professional who can guide you through the ideas and trends that the public is now looking for in a book cover.

Using Social Media to its full potential

The next step is to fully exploit the era of social media. Social media is powerful because almost 68% of the world is on the internet accessing different applications on daily basis. Today, the choice of applications is endless. You can use Instagram stories, Create a facebook page, create a link to the facebook page or advertise your book on other peoples facebook profiles, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Keep posting updates about your book completion even before you are done with the final manuscript. Ask the public for ideas and thoughts on characters and completion of the story line so people are more involved even during the early stages.

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Create a website and a blog

Creating a website or a blog today takes less than a few hours. Give a little introduction about yourself as the author. The audience will understand your style of writing this piece. Post photos of things that inspired you to write the book and write related pieces or mini posts that could build up to the book. You could also post the progress that the book is making once it has been completed and ready to hit the bookshelves in stores. Remember any PR is good PR.

Free chapters

Everybody loves free stuff. Try posting bits and pieces of the first few or middle chapters from your manuscript on the book website or blog. Make sure that the chapters are exciting chapters but do not end with any important factors or events. The best way would be to post chapters that are about to reach a climax moment. This is the best way to engage the curiosity of the audience.

Press releases and Print advertising

Host a press release or book reading to increase the range of audience that will read your book. Usually, press releases would also include a photo session where you can post a photo of the book and yourself. Any local magazine or newspaper available on newsstands outside is a great source for print advertising because billions of people cross by and see them every day. A book reading at a cafe or a bookstore will usually bring in a wide range of audience and there is always a chance you can appeal to at least 50% of them. Remember to pick a crowded and happening bookstore for this.

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