How to Select the Best Publisher for your Book

Jasmina Lozevska December 11, 2016 Comments Off on How to Select the Best Publisher for your Book

Many writers have faced a similar issue – placing some projects with publishers and every project receives the interest of not just one, but more publishers. In these cases, writers find themselves in a position where they can choose among the interested publishers.

Many would think that this is an easy situation with an easy solution – you choose the one that offers the best amount of money for advance. But, authors who have experienced this type of situation, will say that there are some more important aspects than the money.

So, the question you as an author should ask yourself is – “Who will be the best publisher for me?” and not “Who offers the highest amount of money?”.

Here are the most important factors that authors consider when are thinking about the publisher and who to choose:

1. Editor

The positive publishing experience for the author comes from the editor who acquires the book. It’s important for the editor to convey his honest enthusiasm for the book and the author. Authors search for an editor who understands the vision of the book and the future career path for the author. The editor should also be understanding of the writer’s style and try to work with it, not try to change it.

2. Buying-in as a whole from the publisher

It is good when the editor informs that he is not the only one that loves the author and the book, but also the editorial team, marketing and sales, as well as publishers and the CEO are all I love with the book. This situation can make a huge difference in the future.

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3. The track record of the publisher with other similar books

Take a look at how other same genre books have been handled. Find out how sales and marketing was handled and how many units were sold. If you as an author do not have an experience with this publisher, some other author will definitely have and can help you with the info you need. Also, check if the previous books at this publisher were bestsellers. 

4. The contract terms

Publishing contracts are important and every publisher has a different way of handling them. If you need to choose amongst multiple publishers, and you know that there is one publisher that is known to have contract terms that are more favourable than some other publisher, than this can help a lot for your decision.

5. Financial terms and advances that are offered

It’s not that money is irrelevant. It’s not. Many ties, the advance that is offered is a clear reflection of he commitment and the enthusiasm of the publisher. And, every author knows that a higher financial arrangement can make a huge difference. So, even though it’s not the most important part, money is still part of the whole process and you need to consider that as well.

6. The author’s own opinion

Many times, an author will have a so-called “dream publisher”. Other times, authors will feel a strong connection to the editor from the publishing house. These gut feelings also play an important role in the process of choosing a publisher.

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