Learn Basic Blog SEO with this 4 Simple Tips

Jasmina Lozevska June 28, 2017 Comments Off on Learn Basic Blog SEO with this 4 Simple Tips

If you own a blog you will know by now the importance of blog optimization and the need to make your posts more visible for the search engine.  It is crucial to understand that with the right and relevant content and using basic optimization of your blog, you too can take advantage of the huge marketing potential of blogs nowadays. Many new and young bloggers feel intimidated by the flow on information but with a little research and this simple tips everybody can understand the basic of writing a SEO friendly blog.

1. Think about your writing and content.

Not everybody is born a writer and we have to say that good writing is a skill. If you want to provide good content for your readers you have to have the structure of a good blog seo content. You have to provide headline,  subtitles and apparent paragraphs. If your text has a clear thought it will be easier to understand. Assuming that readers understand and like your content the chances of sharing, liking, tweeting and providing a link to your blog are increased.  One of the ways that Google helps people discover your posts are through relevant keywords. You have to include them noticeably in your text. You can get a little help from Google Adword Keyword Tool so you can see what keywords are best for your topic. But you have to know that Google has used penalty for overuse of keywords so keep it simple and relevant. You can always include them in the title.

2. The importance of the structure of your post

Clean texts are important for the readability and the user experience. You have to write down the structure of your post and go from there.

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* Every post should have an introduction. In this part, you get the reader familiar with the topic of the post

*Body of the text. Here is the main and crucial part of your post

* Conclusion. Summarizing of important ideas from the text.

When you have the main categories, take the time to write down what you want to have in each part. Write what keywords you are going to use. This will make your writing easier and will help you with a fluid thought.

3. Use paragraphs

The use of paragraphs gives a structure to your text. Always use them so you can give the reader the clear idea of your thoughts. With the use of paragraphs you can easily discuss a longer subject and tackle more points. Every paragraphs should have a main point but still be connected to others. To be sure of the quality of your paragraphs always ask yourself the following questions

* Does each sentence makes sense

* Are the sentences complex or simple

* Can the reader grasp the idea of the whole text

4. Headings and their importance for blog SEO

Some points are more important than others and to help us highlight them, the use of headings comes useful. Headings represent the key concept and the main subject of our text. The provide clarity and keeps us interested in long post and texts.  The use of headings also helps with your ratings on Google because they grasp the main topics. One of the best advice is to carefully use some of your keywords in some headings. And remember, a good blog SEO starts with quality content!

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