How to Prepare your E-book for Publishing

Jasmina Lozevska January 6, 2016 Comments Off on How to Prepare your E-book for Publishing

So, you are ready to publish your e-book? Then, you should prepare yourself before publishing it and know everything about the process of publishing. E-books are recently the most popular book form, especially in the USA, where the market grew at about 169 percent last year. Most of the latest releases have been published as e-books. First of all, you should know that the sales market of e-books is fragmented.

When you are ready to publish a book you must know that you will be work with a lot of different companies. The leading company in this business is Amazon, and after that, we would put Barnes and Noble and Apple. Industry experts think that Amazon has at least sixty percent of the e-book sales share. Barnes and Noble’s share is about thirty percent, while Apple has the remaining ten percent.

Preparing for e-publishing is an interesting process. After writing the book, you must put it in an e-book format which can be quite complicated. However, the Formatting forum on Amazon has about 3000 threads where you can learn all about formatting. If you are willing to go through all that trouble, you can do it by yourself, but we recommend you hire an experienced person that can format your writing. You can find a provider at the aggregator called Smashwords, and that person can format your writing in just a couple of hours for a reasonable price – ranging from 50-100 dollars.

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You should also understand the  format ePub which is a standard that is most commonly used. This format can remind you of HTML, but it is definitely not the same. You can utilize the Adobe Digital version for reading your personal ePub without paying an contribution.

You should always prepare a couple of different versions. The .doc file is probably the one everyone uses, but you should think about adding a couple of more versions.  For example, Smashwords can require this specific notice which you should remove from your file before submitting to Amazon. That is why you should always have more versions. Also, get PDF version for your e-book, too.

Creating a brand new cover for your e-book is also of great importance. Finding a quality cover is significant because the image is going to help you while promoting your e-book on some of the seller sites where you will send it. Try designing the cover by yourself if you feel like you have some eye for design, especially if you have good Photoshop skills. If not, you can hire a person who is skilled with doing e-book cover designs. You should also create a brand new cover for the back, and of course the “spine” of the book, because some of the online services demand all of those items, and it will be quite helpful if you make a decision to print your book on paper in the future.

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