How to be a Highly Organized Writer

Jasmina Lozevska November 8, 2016 Comments Off on How to be a Highly Organized Writer

We can often spot the writer depicted in TV shows and movies as someone who functions in a “creative mess”. But stereotypical depictions don’t seem to work in today’s busy life. To be a professional and successful writer today comes with a lot more responsibilities than just writing and sometimes things can get hectic. Most of the times being an organized writer means being a successful writer, so it can be really important to be on top of things and have everything working for you.

1. Make a list, have a plan

Making a daily to do lists can really help you be more productive and on track. Being an organized writer is about getting things done and avoiding procrastination. So you can either make a to do list in the morning or you can do one before going to bed depending on your routine. Plan what tasks you need to do during the day and what you want to accomplish. Be realistic. While doing thing you can check each task as it’s done so you will get the satisfaction of finishing things. You can even add few extra tasks on days you are feeling really productive as a way to really challenge yourself.

2. Keep everything on its place

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Once you have a place for everything is harder to misplace things and to create mess. And as we all know mess is infectious. Once you start putting things in a pile or a drawer that is meant for keeping everything, you will end up not knowing where everything is. So arrange a place for everything, especially in your writing room and keep everything organized. Try to keep your surfaces clean and tidy. Sometimes even messy looking room can keep you away from writing. As for your desk, make sure every paper is filed in a binder or a drawer. This can help you have everything on demand. Have a binder for articles you might have kept, one for writings you don’t want to throw away, one for relevant ongoing projects, promotional materials etc.

3. Keep and update your calendar

Keeping a calendar and reviewing it constantly will keep you from missing things. This way you will know when everything is due and you can make decisions and manage your time better. This will also keep you from making empty promises or planning time you don’t actually have. Not only that, but it makes you seem more professional and reliable.

4. Review projects

This one is a bit similar to the last, but it has to do more with brainstorming and note taking rather than just organizing your time. Reviewing ongoing and upcoming projects can give you longer perspective on things and will get you in the mood for the project even before you actually start working on it. Plus, it’s a really good way to get integrated into your work at all time. Most of the time just reviewing and thinking about upcoming projects can get you excited about them and get your brain working on ideas which will definitely make you more organized and efficient. 

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