Essential Elements of Historical Fiction Story

Jasmina Lozevska February 6, 2017 Comments Off on Essential Elements of Historical Fiction Story

Writing historical fiction story may seem like you have most of the work cut out for you. After all your story is based upon true events and real people. But even reality sometimes needs a bit tuning to make it more appealing and more interesting. When writing a historical fiction story this is the key aspect where your writing skills really come into play. Taking the characters and the given situation and presenting them in a manner that will make them appear as if they were the most interesting people on the Earth. It is all up to the writer to make the reader interested in the story or the characters. Here are the essential elements of a historical fiction story a writer should look out for.

1. Characters

First and foremost, a good developed characters will go a long way. It really pays to do your research before you start writing. When drafting your story hold on to the characters and try to learn a little bit more than what you think you are going to need. This will come in handy for you to get an idea and visualization of the character, after that you won’t be able to escape the realness of the character and will basically know what he or she would or would not do.

2. The story

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The plot of the historical fiction story is another essential element that you need to work out. Even if you do have the basic outline of what actually happens in history, a historical fiction story is open to interpretations. After all there are always at least two sides of any story. Your job is to find the most interesting one and then tell it. Your story doesn’t even have to be the biggest historical event of the century, but it should be shaped around one. Even if you a writing a romantic historical fiction story you should reference famous events that take place in the time your story is set.

3. Choose your words carefully

While it may be funny to use 21 century slang to talk about the Middle Ages, remember that you are not writing a parody story, but rather a historical fiction story and the language should go accordingly with the time your story is set in. So do a bit of research on the language and wordings of the time period. Your story needs to ring true to the readers and not feel like it is forced or staged.

4. Staging your story

Even though it is not a play you still need to stage every scene of the story. You should direct the reader’s imagination and stage the surroundings. Be that an exterior or an interior everything should be with accordance to the time period. Read about the landscapes that would surround your settings or the décor that was used in different classes of society. Think about the clothes and tools and means of transportation. The more research you do, the more real your story would feel.

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