Elements of a Perfect Romance Story

Jasmina Lozevska March 12, 2017 Comments Off on Elements of a Perfect Romance Story

Writing a perfect romance story might be a task that no writer shall ever accomplish. However, each writer should always try to write the best story possible and fully use their talent. One thing that should always be remembered is that a writer should never stop reading, even when they become popular and well-known for the public.

Reading will always be helpful, because your vocabulary will never stop expanding, and more ideas will flow freely in your mind. This is a very important thing for romance writers in general. Romance is a genre easily identified with strong emotions and serious relationships.

It is an audacious genre for many writers, and not everyone is talented or “romantic” enough to master their writing in this particular genre. Therefore, there are a few key-elements that can serve as a guideline for each aspiring writer that wants to try writing something that will make all of the readers teary-eyed and filled with emotions ready to burst out.

The first thing any writer should have in mind is having enough of the original story. You should never neglect the original story and go out of topic. The central element to romantic literature is a love story, obviously the narrative should never rely heavily solely on the central characters, though, because the novel shall not be considered as rich enough, and the world of the characters will seem too tiny and not interesting for the readers.

After all, remember Romeo and Juliet? The story would be nothing without some of the most important and intriguing characters such as the Nurse, Paris or Mercutio.

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Another key-element is not overdoing the story. Do not get too absorbed in it and write a chaotic melodrama. Keep your pace and do not become a one dimensional author, without any balanced writing and only breathless romance that will make your writers bored after the first 10 pages.

Make sure the story is well-balanced and witty enough to keep their attention until the end. That is the only way to becoming a successful writer – balanced writing and balance result.

Try to add unrealistic elements that will make your story more intriguing for your writers. Aren’t the best love stories considered as magical sometimes? Just think of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ perfect love stories (Love in the time of cholera would be the perfect suggestion).

Add something that would add to the story’s romantic character, such as some forbidden place, a faraway island, intriguing places and mysterious characters etc. These elements are of crucial importance if you want to write a successful romantic story.

Never go for a fully cliché ending of the story. Do the unexpected and be bold when you think about the ending. Sometimes, it is probably the best to overthink the ending instead of writing the first thing that comes to your mind. Nobody likes to read a fantastic story with an already-seen and already-read ending. It is tedious and it will make your story seem just like the rest of them. Be bold and write something unique, something that will make your readers wonder and think about after they close the book, not forget about it after five minutes.

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