Which ebook Publisher is Right for you?

Jasmina Lozevska September 29, 2017 Comments Off on Which ebook Publisher is Right for you?

The demand of a competent ebook publisher has been rising in the digital publishing world. You might ask why it is so. You are good at penning down your thoughts. You have amazing and bankable ideas, which have the power of attracting readers. Your friends have said on many occasions that you have all the makings of a good writer. Let us assume that you managed to write a book. But is that enough for success?

Actually, writing the book is the easy part. The real challenge is finding a publisher who is willing to print the book. No publisher will take risks with a new writer on the block. Does this mean your dreams of becoming a writer will wither before it blossomed? Thanks to the e-book publication platforms, you will not have to hunt for publishers anymore. With the assistance of the e-book publishing sites, you can publish your digital book with ease and very little money.

Top three e-book publishing platforms for you

Before sealing the deal with any ebook publisher, you need to make sure that it will fulfill your requirements perfectly. The more the number of digital publishers, the more are the chances of you getting confused. To make matters easy for you, here is a list of e-book publishing platforms, which might come in handy.

1.    Kobo Writing Life

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It is one of the biggest digital book publishing sites in recent times. You will find over 4 million e-books. It will offer books written in 68 languages and operates in 190 nations. If you are not very tech savvy, then it is the site you would want to check out. The site is user-friendly and one will be able to upload the book in five easy steps. Once you upload the books, the site will transform the manuscript in the form an e-pub folder. No fee will be charged for this. For the ease of the authors, the company has simplified the royalty structure. 70% of the marked price is given to the author.

2.    Smashwords

Another ebook publisher that will allow you to publish books on more than one e-book site is the Smashwords. If you are someone who likes to keep a tab on the sale information, then this is the digital distributor for you. With Smashwords, you will get access to the markets of 51 countries. The site will also provide help on style guide free of cost. If you are looking for marketing tips, you will get that too on Smashwords for free.

3.    iBooks Author

As the name suggests, this online publisher will assist the authors in publishing the e-books on Apple’s iBookstore. The process of uploading the manuscript and publishing is a bit complicated but it is an ideal option for those who want intricate designs. There are various templates, which will give you a preview of the actual e-book before finalizing on one style.

These are just three of many amazing e-book publishing platforms available on the digital market. You can choose between Lulu, NOOK Press, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, or any other platform that meets your requirements.

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