How to Create Perfect Romance Hero

Jasmina Lozevska October 10, 2016 Comments Off on How to Create Perfect Romance Hero

Romance is the best-selling genre and romance heroes are favorites of the romance audience. Danielle Steel is a romance writer and in 2011, she was the highest paid author with $35 million. Nicholas Sparks is another romance writer who is not that far behind Danielle.

Romance readers expect romance heroes to be pretty amazing and true role models. These books are some kind of fantasy, a world where the reader can escape and fall in love with the main character, the hero.

So, here are the best tips on how to create the perfect romance hero.

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  1. You make him eager for facing new activities and new challenges. For example, just to please the heroine, he does something that he wouldn’t normally do.
  2. Show that he is an excellent caretaker. Keeping a puppy might help in that.
  3. You show his protective, masculine nature in a positive light. Create a scene with a younger sibling and show how he takes care of her and protects her.
  4. Make his outlook optimistic. He should always be thinking on the good and positive things that will come up out of every situation.
  5. You constantly mention his deep love, admiration and respect for the heroine.
  6. You make him compassionate and kind to his friends, family, staff or employees. He helps them and shows them his respect.
  7. Make him face challenges with his integrity and still come out as he perfect person prepared for everything. Let him face a situation where he should pick whether tell a lie or speak the truth, and make him honest.
  8. Show proof of the respect his family, friends and colleagues have for him.
  9. Make him have a social cause which will make women respect him. For example, taking care of the environment.
  10. Make the rival acknowledge the hero’s talents at least once.
  11. Make him resourceful in stressful situations. 
  12. Give him some disadvantages connected maybe to his looks, but make up for it with a gorgeous, charming smile for example.
  13. You make him respectful towards women. He supports his daughters and female friends and encourages them in every step. 
  14. You make him generous.
  15. He can keep a secret.
  16. He’s conscientious.
  17. Make him sophisticated and classy, easy-going and capable of making friends in every circumstance and society.
  18. He is tolerant for the faults of other characters.

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