Best Romance Novels of 2016

Jasmina Lozevska December 24, 2016 Comments Off on Best Romance Novels of 2016

We present to you the best romance novels in 2016. Take a look and see which aren’t on your list, which are, which you’ve read and which you still need to read. There is plenty for everyone – friends-to-lovers stories, dark romance lovers, hot bikers, gay, military romances, sports fans, forbidden love and much more.

1. The Baller – Vi Keeland

Brody Easton, the main character, is the ultimate player, both on the field and outside of it. Every woman wants to be “the one” for him and make him change. But, he is actually waiting for the one that will be worth the change. And, he will find it. But you need to read the book for the story between the once upon a time and the happy ever after to find out who that girl is.

2. Cuning – Aleatha Romig

Lennox Demtri broke his personal rule by making a bad deal. Not with the devil, but something similar indeed. Read to see what happen when people break rules and reveal hidden secrets.

3. Room Hate – Penelope Ward

Imagine sharing a summer house with a really hot roommate. Sounds like a dream come true. A house left by a grandmother to a granddaughter, but also to a boy that was raised by the woman. And, that boy is actually the boy that thee granddaughter broke his heart. But now, he is one hell of a man. And, neither one of them plans to give up the house. Read this novel to see how thin the line between love and hate is.

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4. Soulless – T.M. Frazier

This one is not the first one. Remember to read these in the right order: first King, then Tyrant, Lawless and in the end, Soulless.   

5. Ink and Lies – S. L. Jennings

Two people who are really confused about who should they love and where should they be in their lives. But, a lot of lies are tearing them apart.

6. Blind Reality – Heidi McLaughlin

Joshua, a rising movie star, is really afraid of the idea of marriage. He craves spotlight, and the latest movie brings him just that, but also, women willing to be with him.

Joey is living with her parents because she found out her fiancé was cheating on her with her best friend. Her mother registers her to participate in a reality show without her knowing. When she founds out, she is not that happy but decides to do it, because she doesn’t have anything to lose.

7. Sin and Suffer – Pepper Winters

Many people believe that the past stays in the past. Dealing with vengeance hurts many people, guilty and innocent as well.

We hope our list of the best romance novels of 2016 will help you decide which one you will read. Whatever you choose, we are sure you’re not going to regret.

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