8 Book Publishing Facts Every Writer Should Know

Jasmina Lozevska February 6, 2017 Comments Off on 8 Book Publishing Facts Every Writer Should Know

Searching for some fun publishing facts that are essential for every writer? You have found the perfect article. There are certainly a few tips and tricks for every author out there. They are the basis of the publishing business, the fundamental elements that will help you go through publishing. 

First and foremost, you need to know rule number one, or fact, you name it, and that is – find yourself an agent. You will need an agent if you are into publishing and old school book with pages, and not a modern e-book. You need to check the proposal you have already written and of course- the manuscripts. Authors who have their own agents tend to be taken as more serious when compared to authors without agents. Plus, the agent will not take any money before you do, so it is not like you need to spend hundreds of dollars to hire one.

The second one is quite important, too – you need your own platform! We are really talking about blogs, other similar social networks, radios and podcasts. If you are a young novelist with a lot of potential, you need to have your own platform. You need to be seen and heard! You might even think about some column in a magazine, or a book that you self-published before this one.

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Another fun fact for inspiring authors is this – your personal publisher is not supposed to do everything and finish the work by themselves! The published is the one that is investing in you, but in the end, when you think about it, the games played in capitalistic societies can be quite tricky, especially for beginners. You are the one that must have some brand new ideas in mind or Interesting and fresh ways to spread the word around. Look at your publisher as the money provider.

The fourth fact is pretty simple – good publicity does not mean successful book selling. If you are a guest at tons of famous talk shows that’s pretty cool, sure, but that does not automatically mean that your book is going to sell thousand or even millions of new copies. That is why you need a simple strategy that you need to follow while promoting your book – first, ask for permission, second – build some trust in people and third – never forget to be generous with people.

Give away a few copies to people who have helped you go through the tedious process of getting recognized. Be kind and gentle, do not go all aggressive on people who are helping you achieve your dream.

Remember this important fact, too – if you publish one book, that does not necessarily mean you are about to become super rich.  You should be cautious and not overspend and make sure you keep on writing after your first novel. Success is built through the years. It is not something that comes over night, but it can surely go away in a second, so never forget to stay calm and always treat all of the people, including your fans, with a lot of respect. 

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