5 Tips for Creating Memorable Historical Fiction Characters

Jasmina Lozevska November 28, 2016 Comments Off on  5 Tips for Creating Memorable Historical Fiction Characters

When writing historical fiction and creating historical fiction characters, you need to make your writing believable, but also entertaining. In this regard your characters are just as important as your plot. After all they are the ones that carry your book. Creating memorable historical fiction characters can be challenging, but that makes it all the more fun. A well rounded historical fiction character can be the key to making your book a success. This is why you need to spend all the time necessary into crafting and creating your characters. Here are some tips and rules to follow when creating memorable historical fiction characters.

1. Do your research

Study your character in details. Get to know him or her and write a lot of notes. You need to know their family, background, environment, traits, virtues, physical characteristics. You need to study all of this, that way when given a situation you will know how your character would react and what he or she would do, given where they are coming from. Once you really know your characters, the story tells itself.

2. Focus on the flaws

Of course everyone loves a good guy, but flaws make a character reliable and believable. Research your character’s flaws and build on that. Most writers use their character’s best traits and go with the plot portraying them as the good guy through and through. But look into any book that has withstand the test of time and has risen to the top of the bestselling lists you will find complexed flawed characters that make readers feel like they are just like them.

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3. The devil is in the details

When crafting your historical fiction characters give great attention to details. What do they look like, how are they wearing their hair, and what kind of clothes are they wearing. All of these things are important to make your character well rounded and believable. By giving attention to detail you can make your historical fiction character specific and more memorable.

4. Traits

Use your notes of your character to find a believable behavioral trait and focus on it. A given mannerism that will follow your character throughout the entire book will make it more consistent and memorable. You can make your character play with their hair or chew tobacco. You will find that your readers respond to this as it will make your character more human and will connect with them on more levels.

5. Make it funny

Even in the darkest of times, humor makes your character more lovable and relatable.  A lack of humor can result in dull character and will damage your storytelling and book. Match the humor to your historical fiction character. You can use sarcasm, dry humor or silly humor depending on the type of person your historic fiction character is. Remember, humor can make or break a character, so use it wisely and thoughtfully.

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