5 Rules for Writing Romance Novels – Tips by a Pro

Jasmina Lozevska November 11, 2017 Comments Off on 5 Rules for Writing Romance Novels – Tips by a Pro

There is no direct formula for writing an amazing romance novel that everyone is going to love or as a matter of fact any type of fiction. But there are certain rules that can make your readers want to grab the first copy of your novel that is unforgettable and page-turning love stories. We bring you 5 rules for writing romance novels that can turn your story into a bible for romance.

1. Borrow The Best

Before starting, think about some exceptional fictional lovers. The work could be the mix of classic Heathcliff and Catherine contemporary artists such as Nora Roberts and Jennifer Cruise characters. Think about what makes them and the situations compelling enough and how well can you model the characters and the stories after their work.

2. Make Something On Your Own

Once you are done thinking about the fictional work to be used as a model or base for your overalls, think how well you can tell the story that only you are good at. Draw the background of your own and add the situations as per your interest. Perhaps you may like certain historical background or horse rides or certain spots. Create a compelling situation and setting and opt for the same thing for your characters as well. Make sure that they are not crafted as perfect characters. Keep them flawed in a realistic way.

3. Stay Consistent

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Decide what sort of romance you are trying to compile? Is it some sort of fat historical drama that is filled with sex, intrigue, ironic chiclet or some sort of sweet non-explicit story of two people and their eternal love? Keep the tone of your romance accordingly and manage the reactions and explicitness in an appropriate manner in the entire narration.

4. Keep The Suspense

Your readers will turn the pages only if you keep them on the edge without revealing much. The characters, the plot to leave surmount and allow your readers to try to assume as whether the love story will have a happy ending or a sad one. Set up series of obstacles which are realistic but no many to make it sound unrealistic to put your readers into a dilemma and leave them disengaged. The formula is to allow your characters to solve three conflicts and be able to succeed on their third trial. 

5. Reward The Reader:

Finally, don’t forget about your readers. Most of the readers read romance novels for their wishful happy needs. But that doesn’t really mean that romance is always happy or nothing wrong should happen in the book. Your readers deserve and expect the roller coaster rides of emotional playoffs and you need to ensure that you deliver that.

A professional fictional writer will always suggest you learn from yours and other’s mistakes. Be original but understand the taste of your reader base by taking the examples from the established writers. That way you can take baby steps to build your own reader base and be able to deliver a promising romance novel.

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