5 Routines to do for Better Writing Inspiration

Jasmina Lozevska November 16, 2015 Comments Off on 5 Routines to do for Better Writing Inspiration

Writing inspiration can sometime be an issue, and a quite difficult one to handle. Every writer has gone through a sort of a crisis and found himself lost in translation. But, fortunately there are some methods and advices which can be useful for writers going through crisis. Where should I begin? Which words should I use? Each and every one of us possesses a certain lady, called a muse and we usually go to her in most cases.

Firstly, in order to write better and to summon the inspiration, you should practice meditation. Meditation is reducing the stress and has many health benefits, also it’s increasing the sharp and clear state of mind, boosting our mind with positive thinking. Usually, specialist advice us to practice meditating around 20 minutes a day, which is considered as an enough dosage. What you should do is find a suitable spot in your home or garden, play relaxation music and take deep breathes.

Why don’t you try and by adding a strong aroma oil and place it in the corner of your room? It will have a calming effect and for sure it will relax you. You can also surround yourself with fruit, such as strawberry, orange or grapefruit. Make a break, taste them and while peeling them the room will be filled with a beautiful fruit aroma. You can also leave the peelings in a small plate during the hall day, they won’t lose their scent for at least couple of hours.

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Writing inside or outside? I would suggest you to try them both. If you have troubles writing at home, you can always get your car keys. On your way, put on your favorite song and sing your lungs out, move around the town and find some peaceful and open space surrounded by nature. It will fill your spirit with calmness and concentration. If this doesn’t work out for you, you can always go to the most crowded place in the city, surrounded by lots of people, noise and traffic. Make sure you find a place in a busy restaurant, full with people. This way you’ll be forced to focus harder and to concentrate.

Go to the movie theater, buy a ticket and watch an inspirational movie. Relaxing is a crucial part of our everyday life. After that, feel free to write some of the phrase that got stuck in your mind or left a good impression on you, this for sure will have a positive effect. Let yourself go in the nature, take off your shoes and socks and let the scenery take you away.

Call you closest friend(s) or family member(s). Spend some time with them and so something nice for them, even a small gift will be enough just to see a happy reaction on their faces or feeling their arms wrapped around you, and they will be thankful for your kindness and appreciate the gesture. This will boost your mood and motivation.

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