5 Best Crime Writers You Have to Know

Jasmina Lozevska October 22, 2017 Comments Off on 5 Best Crime Writers You Have to Know

If you are a fan of crime and mystery fiction, you surely love the adventure of unknowns and how they get solved. Isn’t it? All thanks to writers who create suspense and add flavor with some of the intriguing plots. Based on some of the famous choices among the libraries, here is the recommendation of five best crime writers that you should know about:

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:

This author is best known for the creation of the all-time favorite character, Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes is a private detective who solves heinous and often twisted and complicated mysteries with his loyal sidekick Dr. Watson. The book that introduced this character was called the “Study in Scarlet”. “A duet with an occasional chorus” which was a gripping novel released in 1899, was almost autobiographical featuring a jealous lover who comes back to haunt a happily married couple.

What strikes me most about Sir Arthurs writing is his ability to continue the mystery and hold the reader’s attention until the end. Usually, the antagonist in these stories has more layers and characteristics and the hatch intricate plans that can be considered advanced for the timeline during which these books were released.

Agatha Christie:

Talking of category crime, Agatha Christie is one of those writers that we have been obsessed with during our late teens all the way through University. She was an old-school writer and you could really tell from her style of writing. Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are two of Agatha’s recurring characters. “Murder on the Orient Express” is considered as one of her best works. Even the extreme and grotesque crimes committed in her books are an example of what an imaginative outlook she had as a woman writer in the early 1900’s.

John Grisham:

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John Grisham is a modern day writer who writes legal thriller and crime novels. What I love about this author is that he is a lawyer so all his books have a personal touch to them. In fact, his writing career began when he witnessed a court session where the jury was moved to tears as a twelve-year-old victim explained how she was raped and beaten. His “time to kill” was made into a movie which was also a hit.

In his book “The Client” and “Theodore Boone” he is even able to characterize young children as the main protagonist caught in the middle of ensuing legal battles and unintended run-ins with the law.

Mario Puzo:

Mario Puzo is a well-known author known for his Godfather series, which has created a legacy and is a large part of American pop culture today. Mario Puza came from a low-income background rising from the hells kitchen of new york from a poor family. Most of the books revolve around the main character of a powerful ‘Don’ who runs an illegal money-making empire and the rise and fall of people in this position. The realistic touch of the books adds to the thrill of reading these books.

Lee Child:

Lee Child is my last pick for the best crime writer. I recently discovered Lee Childs novels and the character of Jack Reacher is indeed intriguing. While the language in Lee Child books are mostly casual and does not have the quality English that an ardent reader would look for, his storyline and characterization are extremely hypnotizing and its easy to fall in love with his books.

So, we hope your dilemma of choosing the best website contact author for crime category has been solved and you can now pick any famous work of the above mentioned authors to indulge yourself into some new crime scenes.

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