10 Writing Tips from Best-selling Authors

Jasmina Lozevska April 13, 2017 Comments Off on 10 Writing Tips from Best-selling Authors

Michael Moorcook’s advice is definitely helpful for everyone who’s young and ready to take over the publishing and writing world. He believes that everyone who wants to become a writer should start reading books from all types of genres. By reading a lot of different things, you are going to end up with your own writing style. Start reading the most influential authors and do not focus on one specific genre. That is the only way to let your imagination run wild.

Rose Tremain has a tricky tip but a very useful one for every aspiring author. Rose believes that planning a book’s ending will just make the process of writing worse. If you skip the part where you plan the ending, you might end up with something even more imaginative than what you have expected in the first place. The most important thing, however, is to open your mind and expand your thoughts. If you do not overthink it, you’re going to come up with the perfect ending.

Zadie Smith, one of the most influential female writers of the 21st century believes that if you work on your laptop, you must disconnect from social media. Or perhaps use your old typing machine? Whichever you prefer, focusing solely on your book is the only way to write an amazing book in the end.

Jonathan Frazer believes that a writer should write for himself. The money should not be the true motive for writing. Write because you love writing, not because you are doing it for the money.

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A very useful tip by Will Self that will help you while writing, that’s certain. Self believes that carrying a piece of paper (notebook is our preference) can really help you organize your thoughts. Plus, you will have the chance to right anything at any place and any time of the day. Writing down your thoughts and things occurring all around you will awaken your imagination and help you with your writing. All you need is a pen and paper and a bit of eagerness and concentration.

Jonathan Franzen’s tip is also based on bashing the internet in general, simply as Zadie Smith said it. Franzen did his best work while using his computer without any access to the internet. Social media can only stop the creative process of writing. It won’t have a positive impact on your writing. Stop using social networks and focus on your book. The only way to become a great writer is if you are not distracted by social media these days. He also believes that if you want to be a good writer, you should stop using weird verbs or quirky words just for the sake of it. Improve your writing, not your dictionary.

Diana Athill believes that you should try reading aloud before writing. That will help you realize if your book sounds the way you’d like one great book to sound. However, you must remain critical towards your work. Look for mistakes, do not ignore them.

A great tip from Rose Tremain for the ending- read critical reviews and hear everyone’s opinion on your work. That is the only way to grow as a writer.

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